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Custom Pool Building Process

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Building a custom pool generally requires a timeframe ranging from six to ten weeks due to the multitude of steps involved.

The Design Phase

Initially, our Elite Construction & Custom Pools design team will create a pool design to match your desires, needs, functionality, and budget.

Excavation and Shaping

Subsequently, we will commence the construction by excavating the desired pool shape using specialized equipment.

We shape the pool using wood and rebar before applying gunite to establish a durable foundation during this phase.

Plumbing and Electrical

Following this, we trench the necessary plumbing and electrical components, install your chosen tile and stone accents, and lay the decking.

Plaster and Finishing Touches

As the final step, we apply a waterproof plaster coating, providing functionality and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

It’s Swim Time

Witness the journey of pool construction unfold before your eyes with our professional pool-building team.

Are You Ready to Begin the Custom Pool Building Process?

Increase the value of your residence and savor the delights of your backyard throughout most of the year.

Residing in Texas offers the luxury of entertaining and basking in the outdoors nearly year-round. Elevating your outdoor area not only aids in enduring the heat but also fosters lasting memories.

Whether you prefer geometric or freeform pools, our designs are custom-made to suit your precise desires and requirements.

Crafting an ideal atmosphere for relaxation and entertainment begins with contacting Elite Construction & Custom Pools.

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