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Decks and Patios

Backyard Harmony: A Symphony of Elements

Innovative Ideas

Inspiring Designs for Decks and Patios

Transform Your backyard retreat with an elite deck or patio. At Elite Construction & Custom Pools, we specialize in designing outdoor spaces customized to your lifestyle, decor, and budget, creating memories for the last generations.

Beyond a poolside deck or patio, elevate your outdoor oasis where the outdoor kitchen sits, a walkway, or elsewhere.

Our expert deck and patio designer will craft a picturesque oasis customized for your space, whether a romantic retreat,  a rugged, rustic escape or a place to entertain.

As we cost-effectively enhance your livable space, we ensure a seamless blend of beauty and functionality.

Our highly skilled patio and deck builders will turn your vision into a captivating, year-round oasis, perfect for relaxation or gathering with friends and family.

Experience Customized Elegance

Our custom-designed decks seamlessly complement your home’s aesthetic. Collaborate with our designer to select features that harmonize with your style effortlessly. While navigating choices, we provide up-to-date trends and insightful suggestions, ensuring a stress-free decision-making process.

Material Options

Our material options are limitless when creating our clients decks and patios designs, from wood and vinyl decking to travertine, stone pavers, flagstone, concrete, and more. Whether you prefer natural wood’s warmth, vinyl’s vibrancy, or the natural stone effect, our materials are crafted to endure the elements, ensuring lasting beauty and durability for years.

Expand Your Living Space

Your stunning new deck becomes an inviting entertainment hub for lounging, grilling, and movie nights with loved ones. Retreat to this luxurious haven to unwind from the day’s demands, offering a sanctuary to rejuvenate amidst life’s hustle.

Revitalize Your Existing Deck

Are you in need of refinishing? Let us assist you. Contact us today to explore our selection of decks and discover the perfect solution custom-made to your needs.