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Custom Pools and Spas

Crafting an Experience while Elevating a Lifestyle

As temperatures quickly rise in Southeast Texas, finding solace by the poolside can transform a scorching summer into a delight. Our expertise is crafting premier, unique custom pools and spas. Explore how we can turn your backyard into an amazing backyard retreat.

From conception to completion, every detail is meticulously planned and executed

Embarking on your custom pool and spa journey begins with a consultation with our expert designers, where you can articulate your desired pool size and shape, special features, budget considerations, and landscaping visuals.

Utilizing cutting-edge design software, our professional swimming pool designers will translate your vision into a lifelike 3D model. Here, you can view your pool as the final product will look.

With expertise and care, we nurture visions to life, crafting dreams into reality. We transform your ideas combined with ours into a masterpiece of pure delight, from the first sketch to the final touch.

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Choose Your Size & Shape

At Elite Construction & Custom Pools, we specialize in 100% custom designs, allowing us to bring any shape you envision to life.

For those who prefer a contemporary aesthetic, our geometric pools feature sleek, straight edges and defined lines, available in rectangular, circular, square, or a blend of these shapes.

Are you seeking a more organic look with graceful curves? Our freeform pools, adorned with natural rock accents, are tailor-made to complement asymmetrical yards beautifully.

Our infinity pools offer the ideal choice if you’re blessed with a picturesque backdrop. With water gracefully cascading over the edge, these pools accentuate stunning water or sky vistas, creating the illusion of an endless horizon.

When choosing Elite Construction and Custom Pools, our custom pools and spas possibilities are endless.

Custom Water Features Enhancing Your Pool Oasis

Harness the therapeutic power of flowing water to instill serenity and beauty into your pool area.


Pool fountains offer endless customization options, elevating your pool’s aesthetics and functionality. By aerating the water, they ensure cooler temperatures during summer while providing a mesmerizing visual spectacle.


Bubblers infuse playful charm into your pool, circulating water to prevent debris buildup while adding a touch of excitement, especially when illuminated.


Crafted from stainless steel, Scuppers offers a stylish showcase of individuality with various architectural accents to suit your taste, from V-Shape to Tube designs.


Cascades mesmerize with their graceful descent, offering a choice between a raindrop or smooth pattern to complement your unique aesthetic.

Deck Jets and Rain Arcs

Transform your pool into an entertainment hub, delighting with gentle streams of water that create soothing sounds and whimsical displays.


Grottos, crafted from natural rocks, provide secluded retreats with cascading waterfalls, perfect for incorporating a spa for ultimate relaxation. The design possibilities are boundless, ensuring your grotto reflects your personal style and preferences.


Waterfalls add an air of elegance to your pool environment, with options ranging from natural rock formations to cascades and flagstones.

Whether incorporating fire features or serene ledges, these water features elevate the ambiance of your pool space to new heights.

Introducing Spa Customization

Enhance the elegance and serenity of your pool experience by customizing a spa to harmonize seamlessly with your pool design, offering an array of features to suit your desires.

Integrated Spas

Immerse yourself in luxury with spas seamlessly integrated into your pool, positioned in corners, at the center, or at the pool’s end, featuring a dividing wall for distinction.

Attached Spas

Elevate your poolside retreat with attached spas gracefully elevated above the pool surface and available in various sizes and shapes to complement your space.

Overflow Spas

Indulge in the illusion of boundless tranquility as filtered water cascades over the spa’s edge, gracefully merging with the pool’s surface, akin to an infinity edge, for a stunning visual effect.

Spa Spillways

Infuse your pool area with sophistication as the water gently cascades from the spa’s edges, creating a picturesque ambiance while preventing calcium buildup and corrosion through constant water movement.

Detached Spas

Maximize your relaxation oasis by situating spas away from the pool, offering flexibility in design and size when space around the pool is limited, ensuring ample room for an indulgent spa experience.